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TargetTV, powered by Target River, delivers your videos to the right audience, regardless of where and how they are watching content.

So you think a tv ad campaign might be the best way for you to reach your audience? You feel your message would come to life with the power of digital video marketing? Well, Target River can help you by making sure your tv ad campaigns and digital videos reach the right audience at the right time. 

Did you know that 90% of consumers say that videos help them in making their purchase decisions? Using tv ad campaigns or digital video marketing can be a way to bring your service, product or business to life for your potential customers. By adding music, voice and live video or attention-grabbing images, you can connect with your customers and potential customers in a way that helps them feel more engaged in your content, but more importantly feel more informed about your business and what you offer.

As part of our #whohowwhat strategy, we start by helping you understand who you want to reach. Then if we’ve determined digital video marketing or tv ad campaigns to be the “how” we move on to helping you craft the perfect message. 


Using targeting available through digital video marketing or tv campaigns, your organization can reach people who know nothing about your organization, people who have done business with you before, and people who know who you are but haven’t taken action yet and need a little nudge or reminder. You can reach people who are just waiting for an invitation to act and people who might need a little more convincing. You will also be able to reach people who might not know much about you or your organization but might be open to giving you a try. And of course, you can reach those customers who are already using and enjoying your business’s product. With the power of TargetTV, you can target your customers based on the following characteristics:

  • Geographic location

  • Interests

  • Age

  • Mobile Apps

  • Income

  • Language

  • Intent

  • Keywords

  • Daypart

  • Websites

  • Channels

  • Education

  •  Political Affiliation

  • Device Type



Digital video marketing and tv ad campaigns can be as broad or as narrow as you need them to be. Working with you to understand who you’re targeting, we help you select the most cost efficient tactics to reach the right viewers. Listed below are examples of ways we can reach your targeted audience:

  • Cable

  • Broadcast

  • OTT

  • Connected TV

  • Social

  • In-App


We help you choose from lots of different video formats and craft the right message for your audience. Maybe you want to do  a quick interview with one of your satisfied customers, an informative video showcasing some of the things that make your business stand out, a product how-to video review with tips and tricks, or informative videos to establish your credibility and expertise. 

The possibilities with digital video marketing and tv ad campaigns are endless! Our team of professional videographers and photographers can create live production videos or animated videos depending on what will work best for you in :15, :30, and :59 second video formats. We will guide you to the format that will meet your purposes best!

TargetTV can Improve your Videos ROI in several ways:

  • Link your viewers to your website or
    shopping page

  • Capture IP addresses for future retargeting

  • Get free companion banners

  • See where your video engages
    and loses interest

  • Split test different versions of your videos

  • Generate traffic to your video channel
    where playlists await

  • Control what comes up at the end of
    your video

Bonus Values:

  • We can track visits to your website and
    even to your storefront

  • You can deploy display ads at no cost to
    devices that viewed your video

why TargetTV ?

By using Target River, you have the power of a full-service marketing agency laser-focused on effectively targeting the right audience for your business using both digital and traditional methods of targeting. You also have the benefit of having a company that can look at your entire marketing landscape and tell you how to hit the target by utilizing the most effective tactics customized to fit your needs . And if TargetTV is part of that landscape, Target River will make sure your digital video marketing folds seamlessly into your other marketing efforts. 

If TargetTV is right for you, it can be employed to reach more people using cost-effective tv campaigns or targeted digital video marketing. It’s the smart route to take when it comes to distributing your video content. Using TargetTV you can reach the right audience at the right time with the right message. With our targeted approach, you will boost your impressions, reach, and number of leads.

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