As a global organization with staff in four countries, we face no physical barriers to building our team.  We interview from a larger pool of candidates to find the best talent available. This means our staff are diverse in skills, backgrounds, prior work experience, prior educational experience, and more. 

We require our team members to consistently update their skills and certifications, which, as a team, means we are a Google Premier, Facebook Marketing, and Microsoft Advertising Partner. Doing so has allowed us to win multiple awards. Some of these include awards of excellence and distinction from AIVA. 

Target River recently claimed the distinction of Best Target Marketing Company by the Business Excellence Awards 2020.

We Want You!

The right people deliver the right product. We seek to collaborate productively in order to delight our clients. Our goal is for team members to grow and become their best selves professionally. If you value a culture that fosters growth and challenge we want you on our team! 

Send work samples and resume below and let’s chat! (don’t forget to include any relevant certifications)!