Here’s Our Process

TargetTV, powered by Target River, delivers your videos to the right audience, regardless of where and how they are watching content.

Target River works diligently to make sure your videos reach the right audience at the ideal time. TargetTV is the key to reaching more people using a more cost-effective method. It’s the smart route to take when it comes to distributing your videos. Using TargetTV will boost your impressions, reach, and number of leads.



We target your key audiences by analyzing:

  • Geographic location
  • Interests
  • Age
  • Mobile Apps
  • Income
  • Language
  • Intent
  • Keywords
  • Daypart
  • Websites
  • Channels
  • Education
  •  Political Affiliation
  • Device Type



We select the most cost efficient tactics to reach viewers. Listed below are examples of ways we will reach your targeted audience:

  • Cable
  • Broadcast
  • OTT
  • Connected TV
  • Social
  • In-App



We offer :15, :30, and :59 second video formats. We can also create live production or or animated videos. We will guide you on which format will meet your purposes best.

TargetTV can Improve your Videos ROI in several ways:

  • Link your viewers to your website or shopping page
  • Capture IP addresses for future retargeting
  • Get free companion banners
  • See where your video engages and loses interest
  • Split test different versions of your videos
  • Generate traffic to your video channel where playlists await
  • Control what comes up at the end of your video

Bonus Values:

  • We can track visits to your website and even to your storefront
  • You can deploy display ads at no cost to devices that viewed your video

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