Increase Your Name Recognition, Brand Trust & Audience Engagements


Use The Power of Imagery and Words

9 Benefits From TargetReach

  1. Reach targeted audiences more efficiently
  2. Increase frequency and recall over traditional campaigns
  3. Generate new followers, likes, shares, and subscribers
  4. Connect those you reach to your website or social channels
  5. Deliver video, image, audio and text based messages
  6. Save Time with cross-channel Marketing in one place
  7. Reduce your cost per impression
  8. Shift ability to launch campaigns from weeks to days and hours
  9. Tailor more relevant messages to your audience segments

Reach Targets More Effectively

  • Geo-target
  • Interests
  • Keywords
  • Hobbies
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Topics
  • In-Market Intenders
  • Device Type
  • Site Placement
  • Channel Placement


Increase Your Name Recognition and Drive Engagements


Recent Success Stories

Candidate for State Assembly - Reached over 75,000 voters an average of 8 times in a GOTV effort

Public School District - Delivered over 12,000,000 impressions to boost student enrollments, generating a return on ad spend of better than 10:1

Politial Action Group - Delivered over 2,500,000 impressions in support of endorsed candidates in a 3 week period

Non-Profit Foundation - Reached over 480,000 potential donors an average of 2.8 times to increase awareness and donations

Visitor Bureau - Reaches 3.5 million travel intenders and boosts shoulder season demand

Impression Boosts:
We deliver a high volume of impressions that are content relevant to the right audience through the right digital platforms

Icing on the Cake

  • Improves Recall
  • Increases Brand Efficiency
  • Through A Higher Reach & Frequency

...All For A Lower Cost