At least 48% of digital ad spend is wasted.  Put a stop to that by working with the PPC experts at Target River.

Pay-per-click search ads on Google & Bing generate approximately 50% more lead conversions than organic web traffic.

We create desktop, mobile, shopping, and dynamic campaigns for Bing and Google ads. We create the right ad copy, campaign structure, and bid strategies around time of day, device type, goals and more. Get a free analysis of your PPC spend from our experts! 

Our PPC Marketing Services include:


Keyword Research

Our team has the tools and skill to search for the best keywords to make Search Ads effective and efficient. We customize our efforts for each client to find the phrases and terms that will work best.  Our keyword research is a vital part of the TargetPPC process.  We also factor what organic traffic is like to see where we need to lean on paid clicks and where we can allow organic clicks to support our clients. 



For each campaign, our team takes the time to identify the target audiences we want our search ads to appear to, going beyond just bidding purely off a keyword searched for.



Many businesses have multiple products that need some love. We understand that, and provide you with the opportunity to start a micro campaign for them.  We can also create a campaign that targets a particular city, state, or even a small neighborhood.

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