Effectively generate highly targeted inbound leads


More Targeted Lead Generation

Target River presents an economically efficient solution for organizations to generate quality inbound leads with stunningly focused targeting, split tested creative, and optimized experiences for prospects.

If you want to reduce your current expenses while generating
more quality leads, you need TargetContact.



Assured Value


The Challenge:

  • Capturing quality leads is time consuming
  • Costs are rising
  • Conversion rates are dropping
  • Reporting is difficult

The Opportunity:

  • Lower costs per lead
  • Targeted prospects close faster

The Solution:

TargetContact. More leads of greater quality flow in.
With TargetContact, businesses generate route and measure inbound leads with ease.

Why TargetContact:

TargetContact is a proven system that effectively targets and attracts active intenders and prospects directly into your pipeline


Before TargetContact
Cost Per Lead $150+


With TargetContact
Cost Per Lead $46

Economic Difference
Efficiently managed campaigns with optimized conversion rates (CPC’s) generate phone and form leads at a cost closely comparable to web visits.

Icing on the Cake

Your phone is ringing with profitable new business. Your inbox is singing with profitable new leads