Phone Calls Convert 10X Better Than Web Leads


Why Chase Chilling Leads When Your Phone Can Ring?

Who's On The Phone?
  • At least 58% of Google search inquiries!
  • People searching your keywords
  • Buyers in the market for your goods and services
  • People who need an expert on the phone
  • People located near you
  • People visiting your landing pages
  • People searching for your competitors
  • Buyers and intenders


Get Your Phone To Ring!


The Problem:

  • Chasing form leads is time consuming
  • Mobile searcht is now more than 58% of Google traffic
  • Form conversion rates are lower than phone call conversion rates

The Goal:

Target buyers by location, keywords, age & gender, language, buyer needs, interest, income level, and more

The Solution:

Businesses can now generate quality inbound phone calls with TargetCall. What you get: targeted inbound calls to phone lines you define, fixed rates, cost per call prices, calls come during business hours you define, purchase in bundles or by monthly renewal – No LTAs

Why TargetCall:

Proven system that effectively targets and attracts inbound calls from prospects in a timely fashion


Hotel Reservation Page
4-5% Conversion Rate


Hotel Call Center
30 - 55% Conversion Rate

Economic Difference Improves R.O.A.S. from 6:1 to 25:1+ when you route mobile searchers into phone callers.

Icing on the Cake

Increase conversion rates while reducing your costs per lead