Protection Of Your Brand Online


Trademark Protection Is Valuable

TargetBrand cuts your CPC cost on branded keywords, increases
your click traffic, reduces traffic leakage to competitor sites, and
limits use of brand keywords in ad copy to only organizations
you authorize.

TargetBrand saves money, increases traffic, and kicks out
the competition.



Protecting Branded Keywords Online To Reduce CPC’s & Increase Traffic


The Challenge:

  • Competitors using your name in their ads and redirecting traffic to their sites
  • Overpaying web traffic CPCs
  • Competitors bidding up your cost

The Opportunity:

  • Distributor control
  • Price protection

The Solution:

TargetBrand. Implement your Trademark complaints effectively to get base price CPC rates and online trademark protection.

Why TargetBrand:

TargetBrand by Target River builds, negotiates and expedites your trademark PPC complaint with Google and Bing. This process protects branded keyword campaigns with “official site” ads that lower CPC expenses and adds new authorization control over who can use your brand in their ad copy.

CASE EXAMPLE : Swimwear Company
Cut CPCs from $0.80 to $0.12 on branded traffic searches and cut traffic going to competitors

Next Steps

  1. Get a free case evaluation from a Google Partner Agency
  2. Find out which competitors are impacting your business
  3. Assess monthly savings and risk reduction opportunities.

Icing on the Cake

TargetBrand ensures you control those who can use your brand in their ad copy