Here’s Our Process

Think your brand name is trademark protected online? Wrong!

In a recent study we found only 12 out of 100 top brands had protected their name online. Target River knows how to do this, while reducing your CPC by up to 90% and increasing your click volume by up to 300%.


The Challenge

  • Competitors using your name in their ads and redirecting traffic to their sites
  • Overpaying web traffic CPCs
  • Competitors bidding up your cost


The Opportunity

  • Marketing control
  • Price protection


The Solution

TargetBrand. Implement your Trademark complaints effectively to get base price CPC rates and online trademark protection.

Why TargetBrand

TargetBrand by Target River builds, negotiates and expedites your trademark PPC complaint with Google and Bing. This process protects branded keyword campaigns with “official site” ads that lower CPC expenses and adds new authorization control over who can use your brand in their ad copy.

Case Example - Swimwear Company

Cut CPCs from $0.80 to $0.12 on branded traffic searches and cut traffic going to competitors.

next Steps

  1. Get a free case evaluation from Target River, a Google and Microsoft Partner
  2. Find out which competitors are impacting your business
  3. Assess monthly savings and risk reduction opportunities.

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