Why Chase Chilling Email Leads When Your Phone Can Ring? Phone Calls Convert 10X Better Than Web Leads. Get Your Phone To Ring.


Effectively Generate Highly Targeted Inbound Leads. An Economically Efficient Solution to Generate Quality Inbound Leads of Assured Value.


Trademark Protection is Valuable. TargetBrand Saves Money By Reducing CPCs, Increasing Traffic and Kicking Out The Competition.


One Personal Touch, One Home At A Time. Big Data Targeting Combined With Personalized Mail Delivers High ROI.


Use The Power Of Big Data To Expand Your Customer Base. Reach New Targets More Effectively Through TargetEmail.


Attract Searchers and Intenders Organically. SEO Juice is an Asset that Drives Corporate Value On and Off the Balance Sheet.


It’s A Multiscreen World: Get Whole New Advantages. Repurpose Your Commercials For Multiscreen Audiences.


Proven Experts and Industry Leading Tools Significantly Grow and Protect Your E-commerce Profits.


Our Target Marketing Approach Delivers an Impactful Message, Via the Most Appropriate Marketing Channels to the Right Audience.


Reach the right people with more frequency and greater cost efficiency through video and image based targeted ads

As you can tell, we love the word “Target”. It is in our DNA; you miss your mark, you don’t win. Target River offers solutions that help clients hit their mark and create streams of revenue. These solutions are proven tactics that combine strong data segmentation, the right form of advertising, effectively measured and reported through analytics.