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Think your brand name is trademark protected online? Wrong!

In a recent study, we found only 12 out of 100 top brands had protected their name online. Target River has a branding agency team that knows how to do this, while reducing your CPC by up to 90% and increasing your click volume by up to 300%. At TargetBrand, our job is to help you ensure your company has been properly branded to prevent other companies from copying your name, mission, content, etc. If you recently developed a startup business or organization, you may be unaware of the threats you can face from competitors as you gain more exposure. If you are searching for a branding agency and having trouble finding one that is clear about their objectives and services, you have come to the right place. Target River is a creative agency with a growing team of professionals dedicated to helping our clients build their brand and avoid negative situations caused by competitors. If you have developed a brand, and it is gaining success and exposure quickly, you have a lot to be proud of, but you should also build awareness of what could happen as a result of this. Since tracking competitors and fighting off brand threats is such a stressful task, our branding agency, TargetBrand, works to alleviate this stress from you so you can focus on other aspects of running your business. As competitors tend to pay close attention to your prices and try to bid up to them, we will track this activity, inform you on it regularly and make sure competitors are not damaging your company’s customer relationships and reputation. As you are researching creative agencies, keep in mind that Target River has teams that focus on more than just your brand itself. We have teams that specialize in creative video and graphic content, social media management, ad creation, search engine optimization research and strategy, and so much more.

The Challenge

  • Competitors using your name in their ads and redirecting traffic to their sites rather than your own

  • Overpaying web traffic CPCs

  • Competitors bidding up your cost

The Opportunity

  • Marketing control

  • Price protection

  • Brand foundation and Trademark

The Solution

TargetBrand. Work with our branding agency to implement your Trademark complaints effectively to get base price CPC rates and online trademark protection.

Why TargetBrand

TargetBrand, a branding agency by Target River, builds, negotiates and expedites your trademark PPC complaint with Google and Bing. This process protects branded keyword campaigns with “official site” ads that lower CPC expenses and adds new authorization control over who can use your brand in their ad copy. As a creative agency, it is our job to keep your brand safe and solidified. Even if you do not believe your company has enough exposure to experience bidding, ad plagiarism from competitors or risks to brand identity, the sooner you allow us to address these, the safer you will be in the long run. As you search for creative agencies, remember the dedicated professionals we have at Target River that will help you with brand development and Trademark as quickly as possible. Contact our branding agency today to ensure that your brand will rise above competitors!

Case Example - Swimwear Company

Cut CPCs from $0.80 to $0.12 on branded traffic searches and cut traffic going to competitors.

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  3. Assess monthly savings and risk reduction opportunities with the help of professionals at Target River.

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