People are influenced by what they see around them, and undoubtedly, buying decisions stem from the visual and perceptive experiences. With technology growing at exploding rates, people head online for a variety of reasons. A business’ success depends on how it can reach out to potential customers. Read on to figure out what is digital advertising and how to select a digital advertising agency in San Diego.

Digital Advertising: An Overview

Digital advertising is the delivery of promotional content to users through various online and digital platforms on the internet. With constant innovation, it takes advantage of social media, search engines, mobile applications, and websites to communicate with potential customers. It differs from traditional approaches, as the digital platform offers a remarkably high return on investment. Digital advertising is highly data-driven and can give you feedback on your campaigns and advertisements. It is an inorganic way to reach and engage customers. The tremendous volume of searches per day, changes in habits of customers to shop online and patterns of customer behavior add to the prospects of digital advertising.

Digital Advertising Formats

The landscape of digital advertising consists of various methods and formats. The search results that appear on the top of the search page with a tag of ‘Ad’ are the results of search engine marketing (SEM).  Here you bid on keywords along with your competitors to appear on top. SEM ads are of two types, pay per click (PPC) or cost per mile, where you pay for every thousand impressions, regardless of clicks. In contrast, display ads primarily use text and images which appear on a third-party website. Social media advertisements are trendy, as people commonly use these platforms very frequently. It may include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit etc. These media will help you build a community, increase event attendees, or even increase footfalls in your retail store. Remarketing follows a customer on the web to show advertisements on the products they have searched for before. You can seek help from a digital advertising agency in San Diego to adopt a strategy on amalgamating these formats, based on your requirements and type of business.

The Three Rs in Digital Advertising

The right people, the right message, and the right time are the three Rs of digital advertising. It raises the threshold of expectations in advertising. It may not be enough just to put the message or ad in online media. When done strategically, digital advertising will bring your targeted customers to your website and business in a natural and non-intrusive way and integrate the user experience. It should be personalized so it remains relevant to your customers. Its scalability gives you the flexibility to adjust the ads based on the conversion rates and volume of customers.

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