Aladdin Bail Bonds


Aladdin Bail Bonds has grown to be the most trusted bail service provider in the country, serving families in over 50 cities 365 days a year. Since Aladdin has become a trusted brand, their competitors were taking advantage of their name for online searches and stealing away potential customers. Thankfully Aladdin was able to find a way to protect their brand online and reduce their overall cost per click thanks to a TargetBrand campaign. After the completion of their campaign, Aladdin was able to save money, increase traffic, and kick out the competition.

Because Aladdin is a well-known bonds service, they were facing attacks from their competition who were poaching their name. Aladdin’s competition was using their name in keyword searches that steal away potential customers from going to their website. Not only were customers being misled to the wrong website, but the competition was driving up their ad costs, confusing consumers in the market and reducing the number of potential leads for Aladdin. To reduce online traffic leakage and enforce their trademark on online searches, Aladdin utilized a TargetBrand by Target River.

To ensure Aladdin’s brand protection, TargetBrand negotiated and expidited a trademark complaint with the major search engines to enforce the Aladdin Bail Bond brand. This process helps protect branded keyword campaigns with “official site” ads that prevent the competition from using anything relating to Aladdin’s trademark in their ad copy. With a protected trademark, Aladdin was able to lower their cost per click expenses and added new authorization control over who can use their brand in their ad copy. As a result, Aladdin saw an increase in online traffic to their website and were able to generate more quality leads to their business.

Don’t let your competition poach off your success and get better protection for your brand with TargetBrand. TargetBrand initiates your trademark complaint on behalf of your business and works with all major search engines that you choose. Not only will your brand be better protected but TargetBrand ensures your business control over who has access to your brand in their ad copy.


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