Red Truck


Your business’s office is usually the most important asset to an organization because it’s where all the magic happens and important documents are kept. Red Truck Fire & Safety Company has been protecting offices and buildings alike with their broad range of fire protection services. Their services help keep your office safe and protected even in the worst of circumstances. To help generate more quality leads to their website, Red Truck is assisted by a TargetSearch campaign that effectively and efficiently deliver advertisements to potential customers interested in their product.

At Red Truck, they take great pride in their outstanding track record of providing dependable fire protection, safety and first-aid services throughout Southern California. Although they employ cutting-edge solutions and equipment, Red Truck relies on old-fashion values to ensure your most prized possessions are safe and protected. By providing top of the line products and excellent customer service, Red Truck has a vast repeat and referral business that continues to grow. Not only does Red Truck provide great products and customer service, they educate their customers with proper training on what to do in the rare cases of an actual emergency.Their seasoned team of qualified technicians are fully equipped to take on any job, large or small to protect your business.

To help promote their cutting edge products and outstanding customer service, Red Truck is assisted by a TargetSearch campaigns. These campaigns are able to properly target intenders in need of their service and deliver advertisements with the right message using the right advertising platform. By being able to effectively and efficiently target the right audience, Red Truck is able to generate more quality leads with a higher conversion rate. TargetSearch uses the power of big data and combines it with the best proven industry practices to move your business measurably forward, measurable faster. Red Truck was able to reduce their overall cost per lead and increase their conversion rate per lead with TargetSearch.

Red Truck’s hard work is the main reason why they are the go-to company for newly established businesses and established businesses with a need for fire extinguisher inspection or training throughout Southern California. Thanks to TargetSearch they are able to properly target the right audience with the right message on the proper platform.


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