Inbound phone calls are one of the best forms of communication for a business because they can quickly answer any questions from their customers or easily sign up new customers for the services they need. If your business is tired of trying to chase down leads or unsuccessful in getting potential customers through your doors then look no further. TargetCall by Target River, gets the customers coming to you by generating quality inbound calls to your business.

Chasing leads is time consuming and form leads have lower conversion rates than phone calls. Why spend waste time calling customers when you can have the customers call you? TargetCall is able to target potential customers by their location, keywords,age and gender, buyer needs, income level, and more. For Businesses utilizing TargetCall, all they have to do is be ready to pick up the phone because TargetCall generates quality inbound calls to phone lines of their choosing, during business hours of they define and all at a fixed rate. There are potential customers that are located near your business and in need of your expertise and TargetCall gets those potential customers to pick up the phone and call your business.

Many of our clients continue to use TargetCall because phone calls convert 10 times better than web leads. For example, one of our clients that operates a hotel implemented a TargetCall campaign and after the campaign ended their reservation page had a 4-5% conversion rate than compared to their call center which had 30-55% conversion rate. Not only does TargetCall get your phone to ring but it significantly helps increase your conversion rates while reducing your cost per lead. TargetCall is a proven system that effectively targets and attracts inbound calls from prospects in a timely fashion. Furthermore, TargetCall has generated tremendous success for our clients in many different industries.

Running a business is already challenging enough, so don’t waste your time chasing down chilling leads and let TargetCall bring the customers to you. TargetCall is proven to generate quality inbound phone calls to your business while reducing cost per lead. TargetCall lets your business control when and where you will receive these new inbound calls and efficiently target the right audience.

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