Warner Unified School District Gets A Whole New Look

We are proud of our partners over at Warner Unified School District on all their recent improvements throughout their school district. Recently, Warner USD has received some aesthetic changes and thanks to their new partnership with the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC), implemented new learning strategies for their students, and brought in some highly talented teachers to increase the quality of education the students are receiving.

Thanks to Warner’s new partnership with ASCC, they were able to renovate the school grounds which will improve the student’s daily learning environment. This renovation included a new sidewalk that that highlights student artwork as well as the culture and art styles of the local community and native tribes. In addition to the sidewalk, the ASCC will also build a new amphitheater, student game area, and improvements to the basketball court. Warner USD is very thankful and excited for these projects to be complete and hope they will have a positive impact on the students throughout the district.

At the elementary level, teachers will be working with each student on a personalized learning approach which will focus on teaching students to develop personalized goals. Their high school curriculum will be adding a homeroom model that focuses on organizational and study skills using the AVID curriculum. Students will have the same homeroom teacher throughout all four years of high school, allowing the teacher and student to develop a career/college plan to prepare each student for life after graduation.

Not only has Warner improved their curriculum across the whole district, but they have hired 6 new teachers to help them improve the quality of education in individual classrooms. These new teaching additions will be improving classrooms at the elementary, middle school, and high school levels making this a district wide personnel upgrade. If you have any questions or want to learn more about the new and improved Warner Unified School District visit http://www.warnerusd.net/ for more information.