TargetContact Generates Quality Inbound Leads

Is your business tired of spending your entire budget on ads that are not reaching the right audience or not generating enough leads? Target River presents TargetContact an economically efficient solution for businesses to generate quality inbound leads with stunningly focused targeting, split testing creative & optimized experiences for prospects.

TargetContact is a proven system that effectively targets and attracts active intenders and prospects directly into your businesses’ pipeline. This system is so effective because of its unique ability to effectively target the right audience to ensure that your ad is seen by active intenders and prospects. TargetContact utilizes a split testing method to help provide our clients with information on how their ads are performing and how they can improve them.

What sets TargetContact apart from other traditional ad campaigns is how it reduces your current expenses while generating more quality leads for your business. The economic difference comes from efficiently managed campaigns with optimized conversion rates and phone and form leads at a cost closely comparable to web visits. Your phone will ring with profitable new business and your inbox will be singing with profitable new leads.

TragetContact has been successful in generating quality inbound leads for many of our clients in many different industries. If your business is trying to increase quality leads while reducing your monthly ad spend go to or call 858.886.6763 to learn how your business can effectively generate highly targeted inbound leads.