TargetSEO – Attract Searchers & Intenders Organically 

Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on growing visibility for your business online and it encompasses both a technical and creative element to help improve your online rankings, increase traffic, and increase awareness across search engines. SEO is becoming a crucial aspect for many businesses because it can significantly increase the amount of business your company receives online. Which is why we have developed our TargetSEO approach to help our clients improve their search potential for their website.

TargetSEO is a great tool to utilize because it allows us to provide each client with a custom website assessment and recommended next steps for improvement. This assessment helps improve website speed and performance, visitor delight, and keyword identification and prioritization. TargetSEO, over time, is successful in lowering CPAs, improving brand recognition, and increasing long term value to your website.

What makes TargetSEO so effective for improving a client’s website is being efficient in three separate, yet fundamental disciplines of work which are: Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, and Relationship management. Onsite SEO shows you where the holes are in your website and where to prioritize work for improvement. Offsite SEO build relevance for your website and improves the overall experience of customers that are using your website. Relationship management allows us to recommend the next steps for maximum SEO impact and to inform our clients of potential market changes that they are targeting.