Ram Jack – Foundation Repair Experts

Ram Jack Pacific is dedicated to providing outstanding foundation services for a wide range of customers throughout Southern California. Ram Jack has been a leader in commercial, industrial, and residential foundation inspection and repair services that work hard to ensure that your project is completed correctly the first time. What sets Ram Jack ahead of the competition is their ability to produce lasting foundation solutions and exceeding customer expectations. For the past 40 years, Ram Jack has restored stability to many homes and equipped their engineers with custom solutions to ensure quality work for their clients.

Ram Jack Pacific has relied on the word of mouth of satisfied clients to gain new business, and they have been successful thanks to their quality of work and professionalism on the job. However, Ram Jack wanted to increase the amount of online traffic to their website to help strengthen their brand awareness within the community. Which is why we are proud to be partnered with such a dedicated working business that is working hard to improve our community.

To assist Ram Jack, we implemented a TargetMarketing campaign which focuses on delivering an impactful message, via the most appropriate marketing channel, to the right audience. This campaign utilized different digital and radio marketing tactics to increase the number of quality inbound leads and amount of online traffic to Ram Jack’s website. Ram Jack was able to increase their advertising return on investment because they were able to properly identify who their audience is, how they should contact them, and what their message should say.

Thanks to this campaign, Ram Jack is able to strengthen their brand awareness online and increase the amount of online traffic to their website. We look forward to this continued partnerships with Ram Jack by helping them strengthen their brand image online, so they can continue to strengthen the foundations of our community.