Hallman Jewelers Attracts More Searchers & Intenders Organically


Hallman Jewelers is a respected full service jeweler that has been providing San Diego residents with high quality jewelry pieces for the past forty years. Their inventory is made up of over 100,000 jewelry pieces from designer diamond earrings and necklaces to hand crafted picture frames. Hallman Jewelers is able to provide their clients diamonds in any shape or size, certified or non-certified, along with colored stones from rubies and sapphires to topaz and tanzanite. What sets Hallman Jewelers apart from all the other Jewelers is they are able to offer all their products at discounted prices and their ability to accommodate different budgets to ensure that all their customers receive the perfect diamond, in the perfect piece of jewelry.

Hallman Jewelers has always been successful selling their diamonds and jewelry pieces from their store; however, they wanted to expand their business online, so they developed a website for customers to order diamonds online. That is when the partnership between Hallman Jewelers and Target River began.

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To help Hallman Jewelers achieve their goal, we helped them  identify and prioritize certain keywords and phrases that would be successful in driving more searchers online to their website. We also assisted them in producing fresh content that they could share on their website or in other forums that would help increase their brand awareness. Since we are partners with Google, we were able to improve Hallman Jewelers’ online positioning which increased the amount of exposure to their website through TargetSEO.

With our guidance, Hallman Jewelers now has a better understanding on how to properly identify and prioritize keywords and phrases to maximize the amount of exposure to their website, produce content to increase brand recognition, and how to improve their online positioning. We are proud to help a local business grow their business online and we look forward to the continued partnership with Hallman Jewelers through TargetSEO.