The benefits of world-class E-Commerce optimization

Building a successful online business takes more than a well-build site and quality products or services. To drive online traffic and increase conversion rates, a business must invest in e-commerce optimization and smart strategic planning that’s guaranteed to boost sales.

With Target-eComm, businesses can implement the industry’s best practices to acquire measurable accelerated results, protected positions, and new scale in profits. E-commerce experts help businesses utilize leading tools and custom-formulated strategies to meet specific goals and budget. Whether a startup, mid-market or enterprise e-commerce business, all can benefit from optimization and expert support.

Unlike competing advertising and marketing companies, Target River ranks in the top 1% of advertisers on Facebook, is a premier Google and Bing partner agency, specializes in big data integration, and employs highly-qualified account managers with years of experience handling $15 million+ per year PPC ad spending.  

Target-eComm starts with key performance indicators (KPIs) and campaign-building that optimizes around the results a business aims for. Examples include market share, cost per acquisition, return on advertising spend, brand recognition, and much more. Once campaign goals are achieved, additional effort is made to reliably protect and defend them in a dynamic, multi-channel environment.

Target River successfully blends the power of big data targeting with digital marketing expertise. This approach means faster reach, tighter targeting, better economics, and more valuable audience acquisitions. Target River takes a multi-faceted and analytics-based approach to campaign optimization, leveraging site behavior, competitive analysis and agnostic disciplines to allocate resources and move businesses forward.

Target-eComm includes a variety of services, such as search engine marketing, which includes shopping ads (Google, Facebook, YouTube), search ads (Google, Bing, Yahoo), dynamic ads, retargeting, targeted display, and Pandora. Other services include onsite and offsite SEO, TargetEmail, Social (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram), marketplace optimization (Amazon), and conversion rate optimization (CRO).


Case Examples:

  • Cut CPA on international seafood company 75% in PPC channel in 120 days.
  • Tripled Conversion Rates of national apparel eTailer with Campaign Optimization.
  • Cut eTailer brand traffic costs 75% and increased brand traffic 5X in 120 days.
  • Cut cost per room booked from $25 to $9 for global hotel chain.
  • Increased email campaign reach by 250K emails for footwear eTailer in 11 months.
  • Increased Amazon store volume 4X for auto parts company.
  • Increased Google Shopping revenue over 25%, nearly a $1M increase, and reduced CPA 15% versus prior year in a specialty E-Commerce company.


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