Direct mail is not dead!

It may seem old-fashioned, but direct mail is still one of the best ways businesses can get their marketing message directly to potential customers. With low costs and high return on investment, direct mail is considered an essential component of any marketing campaign.

When combined with demographics and psychographic data, personalized mailers can have a significant impact on return on investment numbers. In fact, according to one report by Aleyant Systems, businesses sell approximately $2095 in goods for every $167 spent on direct mail in the US, which is an impressive 1,255% return.

In addition, direct mail has shown to be an effective method to persuade target demographics to buy products or services. According to the 2017 Response Rate Report by the Data & Marketing Association, the household response rate for direct mail is 5.1%, compared to .6% for email, .6% for paid search, .2% for online display, and .4% for social media.

The same report showed that most consumers will act on direct mail immediately and prefer receiving mailers instead of other forms of advertisements. Taking the time to invest in well-designed, personalized mailer builds a sense of trust between the business and its customer base, which can result in more leads.

Marketing research firm MarketingSherpa found that 54% of consumers want to receive mail from brands they’re interested in. This means that businesses have a high chance of reaching more than half of its target demographics.

With TargetDirect, businesses can take advantage of big data and new efficiencies in print that allow for personalized mailers to identify prospects, keep costs down, and obtain the greatest return on investment.


Case Examples:

  •  Non-Profit generates an average of seven donations per donor through direct mail engagement
  •  School District generates dozens of leads and new students through oversized bilingual postcard
  •  Motorcycle brand spikes inbound calls and email leads through 4 color personalized mailer targeting owners, intenders, and enthusiasts
  •  Law Firm increases volume, quality and length of calls with direct mail


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