Get a call, get a lead: The quick and simple way to maximize leads


There is no better way to maximize leads and revenue than by completing a quick a phone call. Within a matter of minutes, a business can increase its customer base and gain invaluable insight about target demographics.

Now more than ever, people are using their smartphones to contact local businesses. In fact, according to the latest research on call monetization by BIA/Kelsey, a leading advisory firm, businesses are projected to receive approximately 162 billion mobile phone calls annually by the year 2019.

Unlike online leads, which can hinder mobile phone users, phone calls offer customers the opportunity to speak directly with a business while they are highly motivated to make a purchase and establish a relationship that builds brand loyalty.

Offering customers the ability to speak one-on-one with a service representative has also shown to be the most effective and preferred method of contact. According to research by Invoca, a call intelligence company, phone calls convert at 10 times the rate compared to digital leads, allowing businesses to boost contact rates.

The purpose of TargetCall is to generate quality inbound calls from prospects through the use of call intelligence and detailed demographic information that’s proven to optimize the sales process.  With TargetCall, businesses can manage greater traffic of inbound calls, receive fixed rates and cost per call prices, select call business hours, and have the opportunity to purchase in bundles or bi-monthly renewal.

In addition, TargetCall analytics lets businesses target buyers by location, keywords, age & gender, language, buyer needs, interest, income level, and many more characteristics. Knowing who to target is essential for success, and with the right tools, attracting potential customers can be as quick and easy as the press of a button.

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