Our diverse clientele, as represented by the partial list below, provdes us with the ability to apply best practices from a variety of industries to benefit our clients, regardless of the space they are in.

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Harley Davidson
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Alaska Gold

We look forward to adding you to the list

We are a target marketing agency in San Diego that loves to collaborate with results-oriented clients.

We execute advertising and marketing campaigns for organizations from numerous categories, including law, education, non-profit, travel, e-commerce, apparel, automotive, motorcycle, fitness, jewelry, chamber of commerce, political, plant grower, hotel, home improvement, and more.

Comprehensive Advertising and Marketing Solutions

We are not a brand advertising agency. We are not a digital advertising agency. We are BOTH – and we offer a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing solutions to help your business increase awareness, leads, traffic, and sales. We have expertise in all key types of advertising and marketing solutions;  including direct mail marketing, e-mail marketing, branding, SEO, video ads and Google Ads services to name a few. We do not limit ourselves to any one solution – we work in the best interests of our clients and implement the right solutions to deliver the results you are looking for.

We Leverage Big Data

As a top rate marketing and advertising agency, we understand the importance of the latest technology tools such as Big Data. We have a team of experts who can leverage Big Data to obtain market insights, mine consumer insights, find new marketing opportunities, develop highly-targeted ad campaigns and create better quality ads. We are competent in the use of powerful Data Analytics tools. As part of our comprehensive online marketing services, we measure the effectiveness of campaigns and implement steps to deliver even better ROI.  Backed by our expertise in both these fields, we can help you reach the right audience through appropriate marketing channels to improve conversions with greater cost efficiency.

We Deliver Creative, Innovative Campaigns

We are as much a team of tech geeks as we are a team of creative geniuses. Whether it is creating a successful branding strategy, high-impact advertising messaging or captivating social media videos for fostering social engagement, we have the creative talent to help you outclass competitors and command the attention of your target audience. We take the time to understand client objectives which can be anything from increasing sales or enhancing inbound leads to lowering cost per acquisition or reducing overall advertising costs. Based on business objectives, we build targeted advertising and marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results and ROI.

We Serve Clients in Diverse Sectors

Our clientele includes a diverse mix of enterprises including automotive businesses, apparel companies, educational organizations, e-commerce companies, fitness companies, jewelry stores, hospitality businesses, home improvement companies, law firms, political organizations and non-government agencies among others. No matter which sector or industry vertical you belong to, you can be confident that we have the flexibility and experience to deliver best-in-class solutions. No matter what challenge you are facing – low market share, high cost per acquisition, low return on ad spend – we can turn things around with our targeted advertising and marketing solutions.

For more information on our target marketing solutions, get in touch with the friendly professionals at Target River!