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Target River is a top marketing agency. We were selected as the Marketing Agency of the Year in 2020, which was a year of confusion, stress and loss for many companies, yet we flourished. We specialize in many tangents of modern marketing, but we are well-known for our work with digital target marketing advertising creation and video creation. We have nine teams of professionals who individually focus on different aspects of our clients’ success: 

Our TargetSocial service includes top-notch social media marketing services. Our TargetBrand ensures effective brand marketing through securing copyrights for your brand name online. TargetPPC is our solution for pay-per-click or PPC services to boost your exposure and conversions. Our TargetSEO packages ensure that you receive the most effective SEO services for your website. TargetVideo is our solution for all of your video marketing needs. TargetDesign will cover any graphic design services you require, from print to digital. Our TargetMail solution entails all of our email marketing services to keep your customers up to date. TargetDirect is our solution that includes all direct mail services you may need to reach your audience. Our TargetTV service includes tv ad campaigns.

Seems like a lot, right? It may be, but running a business has a lot of responsibilities, and we want to be the ones to help you run yours successfully. If you are searching for help with internet marketing, we are the best option because we do it all! There are several advertising agencies, but Target River has skillful professionals within nine different marketing specialties. Advertising includes a lot of competition, and you are going to want a smart target marketing digital team by your side to help you strategize and succeed in this area. Although digital advertising agencies are flourishing and continuing to increase in number, Target River is proud to stand out with its niche mission and strategy.

Verticals We Work In


Not only are our skills diverse, but the types of clients we work with are diverse as well!


Target River is America’s Top Education Marketing Firm. Why? Because we partner with organizations from K-12 to exam prep, adult education to higher education, to increase student retention, student enrollment, daily attendance, and funding. We also improve community engagement and increase the likelihood of future bonds passing. Further, we help schools not only recruit new students, but also reinforce their reputation when it comes to their academic integrity, safety measures, and athletic programs through our comprehensive communication plans and tactics that include the creation of ads and social media content, video production, public relations, community engagement, advertising through targeted tactics, and more.


Target River’s certified team of experts creates marketing campaigns that deliver on all fronts; creative, tactic, results, and cost. We have the global buying power to support regional, national, and international projects. The reputation of corporations is hugely important, therefore targeted marketing strategies should be put in place for corporations so they continue to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and gain trust from their customers. Choose a top marketing agency that can not only help you leverage profits but also let you grow your business without hurting trust and reputation.

Public Sector

Target River partners with numerous organizations in the public space, from visitors bureaus to public safety, social change to government agencies. We effectively enhance the reach of communications through appropriate marketing tactic selection, strong negotiation, and buying power. We believe that every segmentation, targeting, and positioning should be result-driven. To achieve it, we work with our analytical marketing tools that allow our team to see how various segments and regions with different characteristics have performed with a set of products. As a top marketing agency, we help the public sector undertakings achieve higher social media ROI.


Target River is passionate about serving, and this includes our work for nonprofit organizations. We share your vision and goals to engage members of your community so that they can join your mission. If you are a part of a non-profit organization and are seeking to grow your awareness, donor base, and donations received, choose the top marketing agency to help boost your mission and ensure target marketing digital success!

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Pharmaceutical and healthcare businesses have always played a crucial role in our lives. This sector is an area of competency for our staff. We have been working with healthcare and pharma marketing companies since our inception. As a top marketing agency, Target River understands and executes campaigns that efficiently reach and engage targeted audiences while protecting patient privacy needs of hospital systems, private practices, telehealth, and health insurance organizations both, domestically and internationally.


Target River is passionate about supporting growing small and medium businesses, including through the creation of the Great American Buy Local initiative. Our #WhoHowWhat strategy streamlines the marketing process to the most cost-efficient tactics and helps entrepreneurs reach their dreams. You can choose several advertising agencies. However, we, at Target River, truly take our time to make sure we are giving your company the most exposure in the most cost-efficient method possible.

There are numerous advertising companies, but Target River rises above because of its versatile knowledge and determination to help clients succeed. Advertising is so important, as it is a highly populated, beautiful area full of businesses. As the number of businesses continues to grow, the appearance of digital advertising agencies continues to grow quickly as well. Choose a top marketing agency that has years of experience and success under its belt. Target River has a team of professionals from all over the world to help support all aspects of the marketing side of your business. We are excited every time we begin with a new client, because marketing is not just our job, it is our passion. Seeing our clients smile because of the success that we helped make happen is what makes us happy. Call the top marketing agency today so we can help with your internet marketing, wherever you may be!

Case Studies


Hilton Cape Rey

Hilton Cape Rey was in need of help. They were overly dependent on Hilton Edge to drive demand, their costs were too high, and they wanted to increase sales. Fortunately, these were goals that Target River accomplished through our TargetContact and TargetCall solutions. We worked with Hilton Cape Rey to optimize their campaigns and lower their spending on acquisition by more than half. We increased their calls to over 350+ a month, their clicks from 2,000 to 6,000 a month, and more. That’s a lot of new customers, new opportunities, and less budget spend.

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When people search for your brand, a few different things happen. Competition will bid aggressively on your keywords in order to poach your market share. You also pay significantly higher prices for your own keywords, and when you lose market share, you lose traffic. TargetBrand ensures that none of your competitors use your brand keywords in their ads or in search engines. With one of our clients, we were able to cut down their keyword cost-per-clicks by 90%, and blacklisted any competitors for unauthorized brand use. Prevent trademark abuse and protect your brand today with TargetBrand.

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Chasing form leads can be time consuming dead ends. TargetContact targets potential customers based on a few demographics: location, age, gender, language, buyer needs, and income level. This produces quality leads. You can also obtain phone numbers and IP addresses for future calls, texts and retargeting. We compared one of our clients with a hotel reservation page who was only seeing a 4-5% conversion rate. With TargetCall, we changed their reservation page into a call center and saw instead, a 30-55% conversion rate. Quite the improvement!

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Great American Buy Local

COVID-19 affected us all, especially local businesses. Target River and Great American Buy Local decided to take action and turn the struggle around with a new holiday: The Great American Buy Local Day.GABL Day, which occurs April 7th, is a day of supporting local businesses in their endeavors to remain open and operating. Across the United States, it was a success. Over 65 chambers in 25 states participated, dozens of radios and TV stations ran PSA’s, and we trended on social media. In just 15 days, The Great American Buy Local Day reached 20 million people. So remember, on April 7th, support your local business!

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